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Los Angelitos Construction & Maintenance Co was founded in 2016 as Los Angelitos Handyman by a family that’s fighting cancer and struggling through life. We are a company that gives chances to people that wants to make a change and see that everything is controlled by God. When I was 23 my grandma passed away on July 17th 2013 from cancer and on August my mother and sister found out they had cancer well.

On Dec 12th 2013 I was struck by a car and wasn’t alive until I was put in the hospital and was in a comma for 7 days. When I woke up I was told I wasn’t ever going to walk again and even though it took me 7 tries after falling down I told my mother I was Superman and I wasn’t going to give up at all. I know she is the reason I am still here and walking around helping People who wants help. We became a corporation and we are here with different types of trades in our tool belts.

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